Begging To Believe

by Prop Planes

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released November 20, 2012

All music written by Craig Moleski, Matty O'Connell, Mark Ennis & Riley Agopsowicz

All lyrics written by Matty O'Connell & Craig Moleski



all rights reserved


Prop Planes regina, Saskatchewan

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Track Name: The Path
This begins with a feeling so cold. Trying to find the strength, to keep me on the ground. Now I reach to a word so bold, keep me in your ways, where it’s held by the sound. I’m just desperate for a change.

You say, it’s time to turn the page. I’m searching for this place. We walk away, but it’s passion through your grace that leads us to your face.

I’m not waiting on the words. Strength is in my search and bound by your love. And all knowing that they aren’t just words, the path we seek and choose, is written up above. I’m just desperate for this change.

I feel so alive, so willing to partak. Give me the words I need and help me to embrace. I’m standing here, ready to step in faith. Oh, guide me through this darkened place.
Track Name: Search & Ascend
Waking up I dry my eyes from all the things I’d rather be. I wonder why I have no words. All this time Ive been blind scrounging up the dirt from the inside and taking what I find.

You’re the race, for one more taste.

When will we climb? Searching for all you are, I’ll be waiting in the dark. When will we find? The broken pieces all around, tears and ashes hit the ground. The end of this life.

Waking up, and loosing time to make this right again. I’m trapped inside, I’ve gotta get out. And all this time your presence shines down this hollow road and into another life, that’s running right beside.

To hold and to embrace, the story of your faith.
You’ve made me who I am, to be a better man.
Track Name: Begging To Believe
This road, it’s deep, dark and cold. The wind is freezing my own breathe. This baron land has nothing left. How will I make it through the mess?

I can’t drive this empty road, without you in front of me.

Searching through the broken memories. The voices claiming my own death.

Emotionless towards the fact of love, desperate to clear my head. And all this loneliness fuels the flame. Reaching out, I call your name.

We’ve all seen this road before and we’re acting like we’re torn. Now I’m begging to believe and I’m begging to receive. Yes, I’m begging, I’m begging, I’m begging.
Track Name: Carry You
I see your face in the fog, but they don’t even notice you. Just tell me who you are. With their frozen minds, they can’t relate to the faces who see you. Just show me who you are.

Something is out there, through the broke-down fields and wooden caves. Come tell me who we are. So much easier to see, more life to breathe, even in the coldest dreams. Come show me who we are.

Breathe in me and I’ll carry you. Believe in me and they’ll follow truth. ‘Cause you know my heart, the very best of me, is all of you.

Far away from where I’ve been, I’ll take your hand as you pull me in the clear. Far away from what I’ve seen. Oh, your love is chasing me towards the riches of your dreams.
Track Name: Old Bones
I walk alone, this night is cold, and something tells me I’m not alone. I don’t wanna wait, I don’t wanna wait for you.

Finding home and all I’ve known, but something’s missing I can’t control. I don’t wanna wait, I don’t wanna wait for you.

But it’s not as cold as these old bones and something tells me, we’re not alone. I don’t wanna wait, I don’t wanna wait for you.

It’s tearing up my heart, longing for a spark. I’ll never be the same, I’m not afraid. These dreams that fill my night of you shining bright. I’ll never be ashamed, and I won’t wait.
Track Name: Behind Closed Doors
Tiny minds brought up the same, to recon with truth. But truth be told, to break this mold, I’ll live this life by thee. Reach my hands, and wait for strength, bound by the things we’ve done. Separation dwells and swells. I need to be set free.

You break for us, but I will carry on. Make it a life for me, it’s all I need. You’re all I need.

I listen close for those who’ve told “this is who I am”. My fathers strong and my brothers bold. He’ll mend the strength in me.

The doors are closed, they’re keeping secrets. Can you escape? We need a change. The doors are closed, they’re keeping secrets. Can you escape? They’re all the same.